Jumbo Agapanthus

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Agapanthus are native to South Africa and were first introduced into Europe during the late seventeenth century. In those early days they were mainly grown in containers in the large conservatories of stately homes and their value as a garden plant was not generally recognised. Much hybridisation has taken place but most of the hybrids offered today have been derived from the species “africanus”.

They make great garden plants and will thrive in any sunny position. However their most popular use is as a focal point, planted in large containers or tubs these magnificent plants will grace any patio.

In association with Piet Panthus, one of Holland's foremost Agapanthus breeders, we have compiled an exclusive collection of unbeatable varieties in various colours and of differing flowering times. We are offering two year grown plants which are guaranteed to flower even the first year of planting.

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Get The Best Results From Your Jumbo Agapanthus

Use a soil based compost mixed with some gritty sand to ensure good drainage and when in full growth apply a weak liquid fertiliser at fortnightly intervals. Only separate and replant when clumps have become too congested as Agapanthus flower best when pot bound. They survive most winters under our climatic conditions and only during severe frost should the containers be protected by covering them with sacking or plastic sheets. Thick bin liners are also quite useful for this. Alternatively the containers can be moved into a cool garage.

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