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Growing Lilies


In regards to our lilies they are harvested in early January and sent out to you from the end of that month. This means that in their first year they will root from the stem as opposed to developing the roots from their basal plate. This can result in some varieties, such as our species lilies, performing better in their second year once they have developed their basal root system. Their best performance can also be delayed until their third year in some cases if they are planted in the garden as they have more space to develop their root system.


Growing Fine Lilies in the Garden


Plant the bulbs as soon as possible on arrival, weather permitting. If this is not possible, keep the bulbs in a cool, frost free place. Lilies like a rich soil and require good drainage.


Work the soil to a depth of 20cm and incorporate a generous amount of well-rotted manure and compost. This is beneficial for the development of the stem roots. Set the bulbs at a depth of 10-15cm according to size, if the soil is of a heavy nature or badly drained, they should be placed on a layer of sharp sand.


For best results in years to come, add a fresh top of dressing in the autumn when the plants have died down. Greenfly have a great liking for the tender buds when they have just begun to develop and should be watched carefully.


Growing Beautiful Lilies in Pots



The soil mixture should be free draining yet moisture retaining and is best made up of loam, peat and leaf mould with some well-rotted manure incorporated; fresh manure is not suitable. Use deep pots and set the bulbs at a depth that they can be covered with at least 7cm of the same soil mixture.


The pots should be plunged in a shady part of the garden up to the rim and covered with a layer of leaves of bracken to prevent drying out. When top growth has attained a height of 7cm, the pots may be transferred to a cool greenhouse or cold frame, the temperature should not exceed 60F/16C. Water should be given sparingly, sufficient to keep the soil moist but not wet, with plenty of ventilation.


The more natural the plants are grown, the better the results will be. Watch out for greenfly and spray as preventative.


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