Pink Star Bulbs

Anemone Anemone blanda Pink Star

Pink Star

Lovely bright cyclamen pink, shading to silver pink at the cream gold centre.

Height: 10cm / 4"

Flowering Time: March-April

Primary Colour: Pink

Recommended For Showing/Cutting: Yes

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  • Description

A shade of lovely bright cyclamen pink, Pink Star has a creamy gold centre and a thin band of white on the petals around its centre. After taking their name from the Ancient Greek word anemo meaning wind, Anemones are commonly referred to as the ‘Windflower’. Anemone blanda, the Greek Windflower, named as such due to its country of origin produces multiple flowers which measure about 5cm across and three-partite leaves. These will which grow no more than 15cm tall (usually Pink Star grows to 10cm) and will flower earlier than other anemones in March to April depending on their situation and climate. Pink Star, like all anemone blandas should be left undisturbed in a rockery of border to naturalise and should be planted shallow at around 5cm as too deeper planting will prevent proper growth and 7cm apart to allow for the natural increase in size.