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Anemone Anemone coronaria St. Brigid

St. Brigid

A charming strain of the brilliant double flowered anemones.

Height: 25cm / 10"

Flowering Time: May-June

Primary Colour: Assorted

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  • Description

A charming double strain of Anemone coronaria, St. Brigid has deeply cut leaves with narrow segments and flowers in a range of reds, white, purples and pinks. After taking their name from the Ancient Greek word anemo meaning wind, Anemones are commonly referred to as the ‘Windflower’. Anemone coronaria is also known as the ‘Poppy Anemone’ and the ‘Caen Anemone’ as they were first grown commercially in the Caen and Bayeux districts of northern France pre-1800. Following this they were grown commercially in England as it was possible to obtain plants in bloom and strains of anemone coronaria can be grown all over the UK, although areas such as The Shetland Isles may flower a bit later than further south in the UK due to the cooler conditions. St. Brigid will grow to around 25cm and will flower through May and June. We recommend planting in soil enriched with well decayed manure to help produce larger, strong stemmed flowers.