Purity Anemone Bulbs

Anemone Anemone nemorosa Purity


Pure white flowers with a boss of soft yellow stamens.

Height: 10cm / 4"

Flowering Time: March-April

Primary Colour: White

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  • Description

With pure white flowers and soft yellow stamen, Purity is an Anemone which are commonly referred to as the ‘Windflower’ after taking their name from the Ancient Greek word anemo meaning wind. Anemone nemerosa, or Wood Anemone, is a native of the British Isles and prefers a slightly more acidic soil compared to other anemones. The plant develops cylindrical rhizomatous root which should not be out of the ground for an extended period of time so we highly recommend that you plant the bulbs immediately upon receipt in a dampish soil. Purity will grow to a height of 10cm and will bloom from May, into to June in cooler areas. This beautiful white Wood Anemone thrives in dampish soil and once established will provide a carpet of blossoms during March and April. Plant on receipt.