tommasinianus Whitwell Purple Crocus Bulbs

Crocus Crocus Winter Flowering tommasinianus Whitwell Purple

tommasinianus Whitwell Purple

Produces a mass of small slender flowers of a rich violet purple with bright marigold stamens.

Height: 10cm / 4"

Flowering Time: Feburary-March

Primary Colour: Purple

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  • Description

Like all in its variety, tommasinianus Whitwell Purple produces a mass of small slender rich violet flowers which have bright marigold stamens. Crocus is a genus of about 75 species. It is a native of the Mediterranean and gets its name from the Chaldean word for saffron. The flowers are usually borne singly and have three inner and three outer segments which create a globular appearance. During dull weather and at night they stay closed up to protect their nectar for butterflies and bees which visit on sunny days. If left undisturbed, crocus increase rapidly creating a carpet of radiant colours from self-sown seed as well as the natural multiplying of the bulb. 

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