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Peeping Jenny

A beautiful little narcissis which is long lasting and weather resistant, the petals open primrose yellow and change to ivory white with a lemmon-yellow trumpet, works well planted in a tub with muscari and baby tulips.

Height: 35cm / 14"

Flowering Time: Feburary

Primary Colour: White

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  • Description

One of the finest hybrids, Peeping Jenny has graceful reflexing white perianth petals and long elegant cup, which starts primrose yellow turning an off white with age. Our Daffodils and Narcissi are ordered following the Royal Horticultural Society’s classification. Jenny is a Division 6 – cyclamineus Hybrid Narcissi, a variety similar to the triandrus Narcissi with perianth peals which bend back to reveal a globular corona. Its main variation is in flowering time; cyclamineus Hybrids on average flower one month earlier than triandrus. A well-drained soil, deeply worked and containing some humus is ideal for narcissus and they will not tolerate a waterlogged soil. Peeping Jenny will grow to around 35cm.