cantabricus Daffodils Bulbs

Daffodils Dwarf Narcissi cantabricus


Lovely species resembling bulbocodium in shape and habit. The creamy white much expanded cup almost hides the small perianth petals. Grown in pans in a cool greenhouse its beauty becomes even more apparent. Very scarce.

Height: 15cm / 6"

RHS Award of Garden Merit: RHS Award of Garden Merit

Flowering Time: March

Primary Colour: White

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  • Long Description

Very scarce, cantrabricus has a creamy white expanding cup which hides its needle like white perianth segments. Our Daffodils and Narcissi are ordered following the Royal Horticultural Society’s classification. cantrabricus is a Division 10 – Species and Dwarf Narcissi, it bears a resemblance to the bulbocodium with a corolla resembling an old gramophone speaker and narrow lance-shaped perianth segments. A well-drained soil, deeply worked and containing some humus is ideal for narcissus and they will not tolerate a waterlogged soil. cantrabricus will grow to around 15cm and has also been presented the RHS Award of Merit.