Jamestown Daffodils Bulbs

Daffodils Small Cupped Daffodils Jamestown


A lovely elegant Daffodil. Broad overlapping pure white perianth petals with a lemon yellow cup which is noticably frilled and shades to vivid green at the centre. Deliciously scented.


Height: 35cm / 14"

Flowering Time: March-April

Primary Colour: White

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  • Description

Deliciously scented, the elegant Jamestown has broad overlapping pure white perianth segments with a frilled lemon yellow cup which is vivid green at the centre. Our Daffodils and Narcissi are ordered following the Royal Horticultural Society’s classification. Jamestown is a Division 3 – Small Cupped Narcissi, this variety varies from the Large Cupped Narcissi as the cup or corona is no more than one-third the length of the perianth segments. Like the Large Cupped Narcissi they too are known for having one flower per stem. A well-drained soil, deeply worked and containing some humus is ideal for narcissus and they will not tolerate a waterlogged soil. Jamestown will grow to around 35cm.