Thalia Daffodils Bulbs

Daffodils triandrus Daffodils Thalia


Beautiful heads of three to four pure white flowers with long pointed perianth petals and a neat cup shaped corona. An excellent naturalizer. April.

Height: 30cm / 12"

Flowering Time: April

Primary Colour: White

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  • Description

An excellent naturaliser, Thalia has three to four pure white flowers with long pointed petals and neat shaped cup. Our Daffodils and Narcissi are ordered following the Royal Horticultural Society’s classification. Thalia is a Division 5 – triandrus Narcissi, a variety with multiple flowers per stem and perianth peals which bend back to reveal a globular corona. A well-drained soil, deeply worked and containing some humus is ideal for narcissus and they will not tolerate a waterlogged soil. Thalia will grow to around 30cm.