Dahlia Tubers

Dahlias Tubers

Taking their name from the Swedish Scientist and Environmentalist Andreas Dahl, Dahlias have become a favourite amongst plant growers in Europe since they were introduced from Mexico approximately 200 years ago. Our High Quality Tubers are grown from a Selected Stock to ensure a great bloom for you.

This year we have expanded our collection of Dahlias to be the biggest and best it has ever been with two exciting new types, the Star Flowering Dahlias and the Fimbriata Dahlias. These easy to grow and reliable plants are great for any garden and are equally at home in both pots & containers and in borders depending on what you need from them. Our Dahlias are also great year after year with a bit of care and attention you can experience profuse flowering for months on end. With over 150 years of experience we have spent years sourcing some the best Dahlias available. Order today through our website, e-mail us at or telephone our office on (01234) 709099 and request your FREE catalogue.


Delightful Dahlias Tubers From Bloms Bulbs

As a whole Dahlias are easy to grow and with some care and attention will provide you with a beautiful bounty of blooms year on year. A lot of people will ask how to grow dahlias, the answer couldn’t be any more simple. For the best blooms the tubers should be kept frost free in a cool environment such as a shed or garage until late April. Plant the tubers 10cm deep in rich soil with well-rotted manure incorporated. Once shoots have developed apply a weak liquid feed containing phostrogen and continue to protect the shoot from frost.

Our Large Flowered Dahlias can provide beautiful Garden Plants and are perfect growers in pots and in borders. With a great selection of Decorative Dahlias such as the well-proportioned Dutch Carnival (£5.95 for 3) and its sister bulb Purple Pearl (£6.75 for 3), which as a variety is loved by many flower arrangers. Another talking point this year is the unique Rebecca’s World. This plant really is wonderful with no two flowers looking the same with deep crimson flowers maturing to a snowy white, and snowy white flowers maturing to a deep crimson all on the same plant!

This season we are delighted to offer you exciting new Star Dahlias, also known as Windmill Dahlias including the beautiful Honka Fragile, the lovely Honka Surprise and the wonderful Verone’s Obsidian. As their name suggests they can become a real star of your gardens pots and borders.

Also new to us here are the Fimbriated Dahlias. These high quality tubers look to add explosions of colour to your displays with my new favourites Myrtle’s Folly and Reijman’s Firecracker, a lovely combination of shades of orange and red twisted throughout to give an impression of a fireball, it really must be seen to be believed.

Our Highly Recommended Gallery Dahlias produce compact long lasting clusters making them ideal for bedding borders or for your containers and pots while our Bedding Dahlias, a favourite of many, produce a perfect carpet of flowers throughout summer, with outstanding arrangement potential.

Ordering your Dahlias

We are ready to receive your order now. All our Dahlias are of the Highest Quality and a grown especially for our customers from selected stock. Contact our office today and request your FREE SPRING 2016 CATALOGUE, full of wide variety of Dahlias as well as Lilies, Begonias and other Summer Flowering Plants.

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