Flowering Summer Bulbs

Summer Flowering Bulbs

Ideal as that fresh burst of colour when the rest of your garden is starting to fade our Summer Flowering Bulbs are perfect for both Patio Containers and for filling small gaps in your Colourful Borders. You’ll be glad for the burst of colour our wide range of Gladioli, including the rosy purple communis byzantinus and the beautiful Nanus Nymph, will provide from July through September.

Our graceful Nerines, especially the long lasting Guernsey Lily Bowdenii, will take up the mantle perfectly from the Gladioli when they start flowering in September and are amongst our most popular Summer Flowering Bulb thanks to their great value as both a decorative garden plant and a beautiful cut flower. With 30 different Summer Plants and over 90 varieties you will certainly find something appealing to you at Bloms Bulbs: The ideal place for the most striking plants this year.

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Sensational Summer Bulbs from Bloms


Our Summer Flowering Bulbs lead your garden into the new season and are some of the most striking plants you can buy. For much of the year the bulbs will remain dormant until the soil warms up and the flowers bloom in a burst of colour.

When neighbouring plants such as Tulips and Daffodils from our Autumn Collection have started to die back, your pots and containers are starting to look bare or spaces are starting to show in your exciting colourful borders our wide range of Summer Flowering Bulbs can be combined together to achieve an excellent succession of blooms which will keep your garden looking bright and vibrant throughout the summer providing the perfect backdrop for lazy summer evenings and family barbecues we look forward to.

From Acidanthera murielae through to Zantedeschias (Calla Lilies) we have something for everyone. If you are looking clusters of short but pretty flowers we have a range of Anemones, which provide a continuous display of pastel coloured flowers; Hardy Cyclamen, dainty flowers which thrive in the shade and are very weather resistant; and deliciously scented Fressia Hybrids which love a sunny spot, for you. If you are looking specifically for your Summer Flowering Bulbs to thrive in your borders, our long lasting Crocosmia and outstanding Galtonia with elegant spikes and large bells are two varieties of plant which are extremely valuable in your border.

For those gardeners who use a range of containers and pots Cannas, with their bold foliage and vibrant flowers and Zantedeschia (Calla Lilies) are some of our favourites which produce beautiful blooms ideal for floral arrangements and decoration.

Freesia Hybrids

Specially treated strain to grow in the garden. They will bloom from the latter part of July to October.

Neapolitanum Hardy Cyclamen

Prefer a well drained site in semi damp position

Zantedeschia - ( Calla Lily )

Excellent for a cool greenhouse Plant in a sheltered part of the garden


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All of these varieties and more are available to purchase now. With all these choices as well as a wide range of Lilies, Dahlias and Begonias there are no excuses to not make this Summer a bright and vibrant one for your garden.

With over 150 years of experience behind us we hope that you can experience the joys our Summer Flowering Plants will bring. With an excellent choice of products suitable for all gardens, borders and pots now is the time to plan what you want from your garden in 2016.

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