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Planning ahead to fulfil your vision


Casual gardening can be fun, each year as bulbs and plants establish we divide and increase our stocks adding extra colour into those bare spaces. If you have a vision of how you would love your garden to be however, you need to execute a plan in advance.


Shown below are the monthly key tasks throughout the year to plan-in to achieve your garden's full potential for each season.



  • This is the ideal time to start planning your next year's-spring display.
  • Visit Bloms show gardens and flower shows, see our bulbs attheir best and get inspiration for your own planting in the autumn.
  • Deadhead daffodils and other spring bulbs as neccessary.
  • Feeding bulbs after flowering, this helps ensure that your bulbs will be storng and healthy for next season.
    • Feed bulbs every 10 to 14 days with foliar feed and water pots when required.
  • May - Plant out dahlias when all chance of frost has passed.


  • Lift Tulip bulbs, dry and store somewhere cool and airy.
  • Lift other spring bulbs if they require moving or replacing.
  • Remove developing weeds while young, before they take hold.
  • Support large plants with stakes.

July, August & September

  • Order spring bulbs for autumn planting, order as early as possible to ensure ample stocks.
  • Deadhead summer flowering bulbs, lilies and dahlias as required.
  • Continue watering and feeding the garden and tubs.

September & October

  • Plant out spring flowering bulbs, well prepared soil makes, planting easier and provides for better results.
  • Visit the Dahlia Festival at Pashley Manor - Wednesday 5th September to Saturday 15th September 2018 (Future years dates TBC, however always around this point).


  • Pot up your forced hyacinth bulbs for culture in rooms. Your Christmas flowering bulbs and amaryllis will have arrived now so plant immediately.
  • Lift dahlias and other tender flowering bulbs and plants, lift lilies if required.


  • Start planning your next summer flowering show with our spring catalogue.
  • Order lilies for early delivery.
  • Remove unhealthy leaves and clear space around all plants.


  • Order dahlias and other summer flowering bulbs and plants.
  • Plant lilies.
  • Pot up dahlias (keep frost free).
  • Check your garden (stems, leaves) for any infections and remove or treat accordingly.


  • Plant out summer flowering bulbs keep tender bulbs frost free.
  • Divide perennials and replant.
  • Make note of gaps in flowering to fill for next year.
  • Water pots during prolonged dry spells.


Autumn Plant Guide


For more information on the individual plants, please click on the item name.


✓ - Available to Purchase. 

✿ - Flowering Period.

Item Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Tulips - Species and Small Flowering        
Tulips - Fosteriana Hybrids            
Tulips - Greigii Hybrids            
Tulips - Kaufmanniana Hybrids            
Tulips - Early Single Tulips              
Tulips - Early Double Tulips              
Tulips - Paeony Flowered Tulips            
Tulips - Darwin Hybrid Tulips            
Tulips - Fringed Tulips            
Tulips - Mid Season Tulips            
Tulips - Lily Flowering Tulips            
Tulips - Parrot Tulips              
Tulips - Multiflowered Tulips              
Tulips - May Flowering Tulips              
Tulips - Viridiflora Tulips              
Hyacinths - Top Size Hyacinths                
Hyacinths - Garden Hyacinths                
Hyacinths - Multiflora Hyacinths                
Daffodils - Division 1 - Trumpet            
Daffodils - Division 2 - Large Cupped            
Daffodils - Division 3 - Small Cupped            
Daffodils - Division 4 - Double          
Daffodils - Division 5 - triandrus            
Daffodils - Division6 - cyclamineus Hybrids          
Daffodils - Division 7 - Jonquils          
Daffodils - Division 8 - Tazetta            
Daffodils - Division 9 - Poeticus          
Daffodils - Division 11 - Orchid Flowering            
Daffodils - Dwarf          
Alliums       ✿ ✓ ✿ ✓    
Anemone Blanda            
Anemone Nemerosa            
Crocus - Winter Flowering            
Crocus - Large Flowering              
Fritillaria - Frit. Imperiallis (Crown Imperial)              
Fritillaria - Frit. Imperiallis (Rascal Series)              
Fritillaria - Frit. Meleagris              
Fritillaria - Frit. Species and Hybrids            
Iris - Dutch           ✿ ✓    
Iris - English           ✿ ✓    
Iris - Dwarf            
Iris - Herbaceous            
Arum Italicum             ✿ ✓    
Corydalis solida              
Eremurus           ✿ ✓    
Hyacinthoides non scripta (Eng. Blue Bell)              
Ipheion Uniflorum            
Lilium           ✿ ✓    
Ornithogalum     ✿ ✓    
Scilla (Squill)            
Scilla (Hyacinthoidus)            
Scilla (Peruviana)            
Crocus - Autumn Flowering                
Amaryllis - Christmas              
Amaryllis - Double          
Amaryllis - Amaryllis gracillis          
Amaryllis - Amaryllis Papilio          
Christmas Narcissi              
Christmas Hyacinths              
Bunch Flowered Narcissi              
Christmas Lily of the Valley