Bulb Gardening Advice Directory



Calendar and Flowering Guide

Useful information for growers of all abilities. Included in this section is an overview of our bulbs flowering times and a useful montly calendar breakdown for the garden.

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Autumn Planting Bulbs


Growing Daffodils

To achieve maximum results for many years to come, Daffodils should be planted early and sufficiently deep..

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Growing Hyacinths

Hyacinths can be grown to perfection without any difficulty provided some basic rules are followed. The first essential is to develop a good root system as this has to support the plant throughout its life. This is achieved by a cool temperature and even moisture in the early stages after planting.

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Growing Tulips

Tulips will thrive in almost any type of soil where there is reasonable drainage. During the growing season they like plenty of moisture but the roots must not stand in water. Be careful not to feed tulips during the growing season as this will produce 'leggy' plants. Plant from October until late December 4 inches deep and approximately 5 to 6 inches apart.

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Miscellaneous Gardening Advice

Here you will find Gardening Advice for a variety of bulbs not already covered in this section.

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Spring Planting Bulbs


Growing Begonias 

Begonias are one of the most useful summer flowering plants. They can be used in beds, containers and hanging baskets. Begonias are easy to care for and will grow even in partial shade.

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Growing Dahlias

Dahlias can be stunning border plants as well as cut flowers. They are surprisingly easy to grow and will withstand most types of soil. With the correct overwinter care, your dahlias can thrive year to year.

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Growing Lilies

Lilies can be grown in the garden or in pots and provide beautiful flowers in the garden or as a nice cut flower for the home.

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Summer Flowering Bulbs

Here you will find advice for items in our Spring Catalogue which have not been covered above.

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