Flower Bulb Planting Advice

Growing Instructions Miscellaneous Bulbs - C




40195Planted in a sunny or a partially shaded position these plants bear a profusion of starry flowers in May and June. Vigourous growers they increase rapidly making them ideal for the border or woodlands.[Photo: Camassia esculenta - 5080]

Planting Instructions:

Camassia require no special treatment but like a fertile, moist well drained soil. Plant 8cm (3") deep and 12cm (5") apart.





40230Glory of the Snow. One of the earliest flowering bulbous plants that will grow almost anywhere. They are particularly lovely when planted in the Rock Garden or a wooded area, flowering from early March.[Photo: Chionodoxa luciliae - 8015]

Planting Instructions:

Grows in any well drained soil and once established they multiply rapidly and seed freely. Plant 5cm (2") deep and 5cm (2") apart.



Colchicum (Autumn)


50517Large crocus like flowers emerge in Autumn before the bold shiny green leaves which make effective foliage in the Spring. Established clumps planted in the neighbourhood of trees or shrubs look extremely attractive. We regret orders for Autumn Colchicum cannot be accepted after 15th September. [Photo: Colchicum Pannonicum - 6415]

Planting Instructions:

Plant 10cm (4") deep and 25cm (10") apart in well dug soil. Only when clumps become congested should they be lifted and replanted immediately after the foliage has died down.




40360Crocus will thrive in good ordinary garden soil. If left undisturbed they increase readily from self sown seed as well as the natural increase of the bulbs. The flowering season is from Autumn to Spring. We regret orders for Autumn Flowering Crocus cannot be accepted after 15th September. [Photo: Large Flowering Crocus Pickwick - 7655]

Grown from selected stocks the large flowering crocus produce an abundance of very large flowers. They are particularly suitable for naturalising in grass and woodland where their larger size gives them the advantage over the winter flowering varieties. However the winter flowering crocus are particularly suitable for the rock garden or small containers and will naturalise if left undisturbed.

Planting Instructions:

If necessary water the soil the night before planting. Plant in good garden soil 5cm (2") deep and 7cm (3") apart.


Cyclamen (Hardy)



One of the prettiest subjects is a gathering of cyclamen under the shelter of trees or an established clump in the rock garden seeding themselves freely. Once planted they should not be moved and will increase readily from self sown seed. [Photo: Cyclamen Hederifolium - 6450]

The dainty little blossoms are very weather resistant and last for many weeks. All our cyclamen are nursery pot grown stock which will establish quickly. We regret we are unable to supply our Cyclamen to our American Customers.

Planting Instructions

Plant in a dampish site working plenty of leafmould into the soil and apply a top dressing of the same when plants are dormant. Plant 5cm (2") deep and 10cm (4") apart.