Flower Bulb Planting Advice

Growing Instructions Miscellaneous Bulbs - E




40395The Foxtail Lily. A very striking plant for the border. Tufts of narrow foliage from which rise strong long spikes closely set with numerous tiny florets. Flowers June to July. [Photo: Eremurus Tropical Dream - 6550]

Planting Instructions:

Plant tubers horizontally at such a depth that the crown just shows at soil level and if the tentacle like roots are dry they can be soaked for a couple of hours to make them easier to handle. They thrive in all soil types but require a sunny warm position and good drainage is essential. They are hardy but the young growth needs to be protected from harsh winter frosts and need some protection from windy sites. Due to the delicate nature of their tentacles it is recommended that you mark the area you've planted the crowns with a stake to make sure that nothing is planted around them which could damage them. If looking to feed the plants as they were developing we recommend a high potassium feed which can help them if they have been damaged by frost. In the winter they require a layer of dry mulch to protect them.




40415Also known as a Dog's Tooth Violet. Nowhere can these plants be seen to better advantage than when planted in pockets in the border or naturalised in clumps on the rockery. They are also suitable for a woodland corner. Erythronium plants flower in April. [Photo: Erythronium Pagoda - 8025]

Planting Instructions:

They are easily grown planted in a damp, semi shaded postition and if allowed to establish will flower more profusely each season. Plant horizontally 5cm (2") deep and 10cm (4") apart. Avoid letting the bulbs dry out if they are being stored.