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40865These pretty little plant are so neat in habit and floriferous that they well deserves the most extensive culture. Small clumps of Scilla are much admired in borders, and rockeries. They will also thrive well under trees and shrubs and increase and multiply rapidly from self sown seed. They commence flowering in April. [Photo: Scilla sieberica Spring Beauty - 40865]

Bluebell bulbs supplied are from cultivated stocks but we regret they cannot be supplied to our American Customers.

Planting Instructions

Plant the bulbs immediately on arrival 7cm (3") deep and 7cm (3") apart.

Snowdrops - Galanthus and Leucojum



No flowers are more welcome than the lovely snowdrops (Galanthus). Left untouched they increase rapidly forming large clumps. The leucojum are well known plants resembling the snowdrop but are much larger and later flowering. [Photo: Leucojum aestivum - 40735]

These snowdrops will establish rapidly if left undisturbed making them ideal for borders, woodlands, grass and rockeries.

Planting Instructions:

Plant Galanthus immediately on receipt 5cm (2") deep and 7cm (3") apart. When clumps become congested they should be divided in March after flowering while the leaves are still green.

Leucojum thrives best in cool dampish positions. Plant 8cm (3") deep and 10cm (4") apart.