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Medium sized spike closely packed with rather small bells of the richest glowing wine purple, the dark stem adding to its attraction. Size 17-18cm. End of January.

Height: 20cm / 8"

Bulb Size: 18/19

Flowering Time: March

Primary Colour: Purple

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  • Description

A medium sized spike Woodstock has small, tightly packed bells of a rich wine purple Our hyacinths are classified as Dutch (or florist) hyacinths which are famed for being a large flowering strain. This strain originates from the Hyacinthus orientalis, a native of countries such as Turkey and was introduced in England in 1560 by Anthony Jenkinson, within a century breeders in Holland had raised over 2,000 varieties. If you are interested in forcing your hyacinths the minimum suitable size is 18cm so we would recommend that you focus on our Top Size Hyacinths. Woodstock is in fact one of the easiest varieties to force. The best time for these bulbs to be removed from the plunge or cellar is the end of January.