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lancifolium splendens

The true Tiger lily making large spikes packed with brilliant orange red recurving flowers heavily spotted with glossy black dots.

Height: 120cm / 47"

Bulb Size: 18/20

Situation: Semi-shade

Flowering Time: July

Primary Colour: Red

Recommended For Showing/Cutting: Yes

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  • Description

An eye-catching veriety, L. lancifolium splendens is also known as the Tiger Lily. It first appeared in England at the beginning of the nineteenth century after being sent from Canton to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew by William Kerr, who in 1803 went to east Asia to look for new plants. The unofficial drector of the Kew at the time, Sir Joseph Banks, saw it and immediately arranged for it to be propagated and eventually ten thousand bulbs were distributed from Kew. The flowers are a clear soft orange to orange red flowers which are heavily spotted with large dark spots. It will tolerate alkaline soils but it is happiest in damp, acidic soils in sun or partial shade and plant it 20cm deep and 35 to 40cm apart.