leichtlinii Lilies Bulbs

Lilies Species and Species Hybrids leichtlinii


The clear oenothera yellow slightly reflexing florets are evenly spotted with rich chocolate except for the recurving petal tips. A strong garden variety.

Height: 120cm / 47"

Bulb Size: 14/16

Situation: Semi-shade

Flowering Time: August

Primary Colour: Yellow

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  • Description

L. leichtlinii is named after German Plantsman Max Leichtlin and was introduced to cultivation by accident when it was found in a consignment of L. auratum in a nursery in Devon. The flowers are angled against the main dark stem and are a deep yellow in colour with dark chocolate spots covering nearly all of the petal. It prefers an acidic soil in partial shade with a plant depth of 20cm and a spacing of 35 to 40cm.