Bessera elegans (Coral Drops) More Summer Flowering Bulbs Bulbs

More Summer Flowering Bulbs Bessera elegans (Coral Drops)

Bessera elegans (Coral Drops)

Charming plant bearing on each stem umbels of up to nine bright scarlet flowers.Inside creamy white with scarlet veining and attractive long protruding anthers. Plant in March in sheltered south border. Excellent cut flower.

Height: 60cm / 24"

Bulb Size: 5+

Situation: Sun

Flowering Time: August-September

Primary Colour: Red

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  • Description

Bessera elegans was introduced into cultivation by German plant hunter Count Wilhelm Karwinsky who found it at Sultepec, Mexico in his first expedition in 1826-31. The leaves are few, thin and grassy, appearing during the Summer before the flowers start later around August-September time. Seven or Eight little lanterns hang from the top of each stem coloured a brilliant orange to scarlet red. Inside the flowers are beautifully marked with a bright red stripe over a cream white overlay. The corms are small, about 5cm in diameter, and it being planted in pots they should be kept in a sheltered area until the risk of frost has passed. Water moderately and bring into full sun once growth has establised. When the leaves begin to dry down this is the time to keep them dry as it they get damp in their resting period they rot. If planting in the garden directly plant no sooner than late March-early April to avoid frost and plant in full sun 5cm deep and 10cm apart.