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Bloms Autumn 2017 Catalogue

At the time of writing this, I have just started picking the first of this year’s show tulips, it is the end of March and by my calculations, we are approximately two weeks ahead of last year, so yet another challenging year lies ahead, but as gardeners we are well used to difficult years. Our gardens likewise will soon be in full bloom and all our efforts through last Autumn should come to fruition.


It is a good idea as our gardens begin to take shape for the Spring, to take a step back and consider what change we would like to make, whether it be for aesthetic reasons or just because we fancy a change.


Over the years, I have discovered a few little tricks to help make both planting and lifting of bulbs in the garden a little easier, for example, if you are planting small groups of bulbs in the garden why not plant them in an old hanging basket so they can easily be removed after flowering, allowing you to get on with your Summer display and the bulbs in turn can be allowed to die down naturally. Also, when planting small bulbs like crocuses or snowdrops for naturalising, I always use an old honing steel as a dibber, the serrated edges stop the soil from compacting and makes planting very much easier and quicker.


To spur you on with your Autumn planting, I have decided to give away 20 Puschkinia libanotica (striped squill) free with every order this year. This charming and much under-rated bulb produces dozens of pale silvery florets with Persian blue lines down the centre during March and April.


As a quick reminder, due to the success of last year’s Dahlia show at Pashley Manor I am delighted to announce that we will be holding a similar show this year at the beginning of September.


Once again, I hope you consider my catalogue worthy of your consideration and look forward to receiving your order where we will expedite it with care and consideration, something we have done for the last 150 years.


Christopher Blom 

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