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Miniature Tulips

We strive to bring you the very best bulbs available on the market. Thanks to our network with Holland’s supreme growers which we have developed over 150 year history we able to bring you the best and biggest bulbs.

However we’d like to focus and shed some light on some of our smaller bulbs: The Species Tulips. Species Tulips are also amongst the best at naturalising and will return year on year if they are left undisturbed, meaning you don’t have to go through the hassle of lifting, drying and storing to get a beautiful display in the following Spring.

Because of their small height Species tulips are great for exposed gardens where the winds might take any tulips which grow past a certain point. They can be contained in pots or used to fill up spaces in borders by creating beautiful carpets of bright flowers.

Having formed in 1860, we feel that it is important to help keep some of the oldest tulip varieties available today not just down to their importance in the history of our company but due to their links to many of your current favourite tulips in your garden. This is because many of the larger varieties originated from the cross breeding of species tulips to accentuate specific features which over many generations has led to the creation of the thousands of tulips available in the market place today.


We hope you enjoy finding a place for these small beauties in your garden. Our full selection of Tulips and other Autumn planting bulbs is available on our updated website at and in our colour catalogue. To request a catalogue please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by telephoning our office on (01234) 709099.


                 Can you see the resemblance between Species Tulip Acuminata and Lily Flowering Tulip Fly Away?

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