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No Need to Worry

This week I had a telephone call from a customer of many years, he had heard reports of a poor bulb harvest and wanted reassurance that his bulbs would be up to muster this year. My reply was not to worry, that it is my job to make sure all our bulbs are of the highest quality.

With my cousin in Holland we start securing our stocks from January onwards. By June everything is locked down, even before the bulbs have been lifted. After harvest until the end of the season we are in constant contact with our network of growers to ensure we have the seasons best bulbs.

Growers this year took to watering the fields during the very hot and dry weather in May and June. Many of the tulip bulbs struggled to grow to their full size leading to an abundance of small bulbs. Watch out for this if you see cheap offers later in the year.
Here’s looking forward too many more sleepless nights before the end of the season but rest assured, that as always, all my bulbs are of top quality. Enjoy your garden and please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help or advice.

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