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Still Addicted to Dahlias

There is probably no other plant that gives the gardener more spectacular rewards than the Dahlia. Relatively inexpensive, they produce nice bushy plants which bloom consistently throughout the Summer until frost sets in. Growing Dahlias is remarkably easy and once you start using them in your planting schemes you won’t want to be without them.

Not only do Dahlias look beautiful when planted in the garden but they can also supply an abundance of cut flowers. We have a large collection of Dahlias in our catalogue and, whatever your requirements, there is Dahlia to suit. You can be confident that we only supply top size tubers for the best quality plants.

In our Large Flowered section, we offer some of the best classic varieties which have withstood the test of time; Bishop of Llandaff, Gerrie Hoek and Glory of Heemstede to name but a few. The Karma Series have proven themselves to be superb garden plants as well as having all the attributes for cutting and display, lengthy stems and a considerable vase life. Lastly, our range of Bedding and Gallery Dahlias are wonderful, low maintenance flowers, either for the smaller garden or for
planting in pots and containers.

If you have never grown any Dahlias before, it's high time you did so.
But be warned, you will never want to be without them again!

See our collection of beautiful Dahlias 

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