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Summer Patio Choices

Although currently still in the midst of winter, now is the time to contemplate and plan your summer garden. There are many alternatives to the traditional summer tub and container planting schemes that we seem to repeat year on year. This year add something different to your patio display. Utilising  the array of beautiful summer flowering bulbs, noted for their vibrancy of colour, they are sure to evoke additional delight and interest not to mention enjoyment whilst sitting outside on a warm summer day.

Here are just three suggestions to bring a difference to your patio this summer. They should all be planted from March onwards as temperatures start to increase but will need some protection from severe frost. Covering with a bin liner works well, especially when the frost is accompanied by a penetrating wind.


Hippeastrum sonatini

“The Knights Star Lily”. Native to tropical South America we now have an amaryllis suitable for the garden. Ideal for containers, they will also naturalise in the garden requiring protection only during the most severe winter weather. Keep well-watered during the growing season, however pause watering during the bulbs dormant period.
June through July flowering






Known as “The Pineapple Flower”, these dwarf varieties are natives of tropical and southern Africa and are ideal for either the summer patio or for added interest in empty pockets in the border.  Good drainage is important so plant on a layer of sand and give a heavy dressing of leaf mould in the autumn after flowering. July through September flowering.     



Zantedeschia (Calla Liliy).

Always a favourite with florists, our modern hybrids make compact free flowering plants ideal for both containers and the border. Native to wet marshlands in South Africa they need plenty of water without being in wet soil. A well-drained rich soil is ideal.
June through August flowering


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