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Time to Order

After a summer anticipating various planting possibilities for the spring garden the start of the new bulb planting season has arrived. Although still rather early this is work that will go on at least to the end of November, and in my garden probably December, with the planting of the last of the tulips.

Given the limited stocks of some varieties this year, if you have not already done so, I would urge you to order your bulbs as soon as possible even though you may not want to start planting yet. Provided you store the bulbs in cool dry airy conditions they will be quite happy to wait.

The task is well rewarded. There are very few plants that require such a small amount of attention as our spring bulbs, for such great reward.

Tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are the staples of the spring garden but there are many more that should warrant our attention. I always try and include something I have not had in the garden before, adding a new point of interest in the spring. 
Consider starting spring early with snowdrops, aconites, crocus and cyclamen. Alliums extend the colour from surrounding plantings and offer dramatic results in late spring and early summer. Fritillaries are beautiful and rewarding plants to grow, they love the light shade of woodland conditions and can be stunning in pots. Iris offer superb value and are perfect for both borders and containers.

There are of course many more outstanding spring bulbs in our catalogue and on our website. I hope you enjoy browsing these this weekend and look forward to being of service to you again this year.

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