Candidum Rock Garden and Herbacious Border Bulbs

Rock Garden and Herbacious Border Lilium Candidum


Well known as the Madonna Lily. This variety requires shallow planting of approximately 5cm of soil on top of the bulb. Select an open position in the garden. It thrives in alkaline soil. Bulb size 20-22cm.

Height: 120cm / 47"

Flowering Time: June

Primary Colour: White

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  • Description

A smaller, purer version of the L. regaleL. candidum has all white flowers which open wide into stars rather than a trumpet shape. Each stem can bear anything from five to a dozen flowers but only a few will be in flower at any one time. Unlike any other lily L. candidum produces a basal tuft of leaves at the end of the summer which does usually end up looking quite tattered once the plant is in flower. Another unique trait possessed by the L. candidum is that is fine being planted in a bright sunny spot and is tolerant to alkaline soil. It likes to be planted quite shallow with around 5cm of soil covering the bulb and a spacing of roughly 20 to 25cm.

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