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Banja Luka

An addition to our Darwin Hybrid section, this nicely coloured tulip of golden yellow with flaming red markings make a real show stopper in the garden aswell as planted in tubs.

Height: 50cm / 20"

Bulb Size: 12+

Flowering Time: April-May

Primary Colour: Red / Yellow

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  • Description

A golden flower with red flame markings which is new addition to our Darwin Hybrids section. Banja Luka is a Darwin Hybrid Tulip, a form which is the result of cross-breeding Darwin Tulips with the Fosterianas to create a group of Tulips of outstanding beauty. The tallest Darwin Hybrids grow to 60cm, with Banja Luka growing to 50cm. The also commence flowering in the last weeks of April allowing them to be a good intermediate flower to link the Earlier Species, Singles and Doubles with the later varieties. With larger heads than other garden tulips also comes a more pronounced colour.