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National Velvet

Exquisite tulip of rich velvety maroon red with just a light purplish bloom on the outside of the petals. The innner petals are shiny maroon red with a yellow base. A very fine variety for the border.

Height: 40cm / 16"

RHS Award of Garden Merit: RHS Award of Garden Merit

Flowering Time: April-May

Primary Colour: Maroon

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A very fine, maroon red flower, with a slight hint of purple on its outer petals, National Velvet is a Mid Season Tulip. As a form these Tulips are some of the most suitable for exposed positions due to their robust nature and resistance to adverse weather. As their name suggests they flower between April and May in the middle of the season which helps keeps colour going in the garden when planted with early flowering Tulips. National Velvet will grow to 40cm. It also holds an 'RHS Garden of Merit' award.

Tulips will thrive in almost any type of soil where there is reasonable drainage. During the growing season they like plenty of moisture but the roots must not stand in water. Be careful not to feed tulips during the growing season as this will produce 'leggy' plants. Plant from October until late December 4 inches deep and approximately 5 to 6 inches apart.

Tulip failures are mostly due to damage by slugs and snails. Apply a slug repellant immediately after planting and repeat at monthly intervals until the plants stand well above the ground.