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Tulips Paeony Flowered Tulip Mount Tacoma

Mount Tacoma

Introduced in 1924. A very impressive flower of peerless white with an occasional green shading on the outside petals. Extremely long-lasting flowers.

Height: 45cm / 18"

Bulb Size: 12+

Flowering Time: April-May

Primary Colour: White

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A peerless white flower which resembles a Chinese tree paeony when open, Mount Tacoma is a Paeony Flowered Tulip. Slightly later than the similar looking Early Double Tulips the Paeony Flowered come into bloom at the end of April into May. In contrast to the Early Doubles the Paeonies have larger heads and usually have longer stems, around double the height, ranging from 35cm to 70cm, with Mount Tacoma coming in around 45cm. These tulips are robust and are suitable for planting in groups in the border and in pots, however they differ from Early Double Tulips as they are not suitable for indoor culture. A Tulip of wonderfully strong constitution.

Tulips will thrive in almost any type of soil where there is reasonable drainage. During the growing season they like plenty of moisture but the roots must not stand in water. Be careful not to feed tulips during the growing season as this will produce 'leggy' plants. Plant from October until late December 4 inches deep and approximately 5 to 6 inches apart.

Tulip failures are mostly due to damage by slugs and snails. Apply a slug repellant immediately after planting and repeat at monthly intervals until the plants stand well above the ground.