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Tulips Species Tulip clusiana


This charming Tulip is known as “The Lady Tulip” from Southern Europe. The pointed flowers are silvery white with a broad blaze of raspberry rose on the outer petals. Inside it has a shiny maroon purple base.

Height: 20cm / 8"

Flowering Time: April

Recommended For Showing: Yes

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The Lady Tuli, grown by Clusius in 1607 and named after him, Native of Persia and Afghanistan. Like T. sylvestris, it spreads by underground runners . It has narrow dark-green leaves, three or four of which are stem leaves, and bears it's flowers on slender 15" (38cm) stems. The segments are white striped with pink on the inside, red on the outside and have a dark blue centre. With it's narrow pointed segments it opens star-like and is attractive if used for floral arrangements.