Greenland Tulips Bulbs

Tulips Viridiflora Tulip Greenland


Reminiscent of orchid tones, the medium sized head has a blaze of fresh green up the whole petal, which merges through cream green to subtle orchid pink. 

Height: 55cm / 22"

Flowering Time: May

Primary Colour: Pink

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  • Description

A rival to Artist in the diversity of its colouring with rose pink flowers shading to a cream bordering the green flame, Greenland is a Viridiflora Tulip. Originally found in Turkestan, now a region in Central Asia early in the 17th century, Viridiflora Tulips are named as such after the Latin for green (viridi). There large flowers have a flame of green on the outer petals which make them a highly appreciated strain. The Greenland tulip will grow to 55cm.